History of the Americas II

This course is a comparative study of the western hemisphere from Wars of Independence and nationhood to the present time. The focus is on the present international relations of these nations.

History of the Americas I

This course is a comparative study of the western hemisphere from the first Amerindian civilizations and European discoveries to the Wars of Independence and nationhood.

Course Format

The course format will include lectures, class presentations, and class discussions. Audio-visuals such as films and music will also be incorporated.

Course Materials: MyGateway

All course materials, such as syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, study guides, grade sheets and essay/presentation topics, will be posted on MyGateway. All students are required to check both sites before each class and download course materials.

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Responsibilities of Students

•   Read the syllabus and assigned texts; complete all required assignments
•   Keep a calendar and meet assignment due dates
•   Facilitate and advance the learning of fellow students and the instructor

ADA Statement

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Wait Time for Late Instructors

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Class Etiquette

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•    Don’t be late to class
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