Chemical Hygiene Plan

Use of Chemicals in Instructional Programs
October 7, 2008

The use of chemicals and other hazardous materials in the course of instruction is the responsibility of the dean who oversees the program.

At Fullerton College, we do not have a single Chemical Hygiene Officer for the campus.  We do, however, manage the use of hazardous materials and their disposal through collaboration among the staff, deans, and the Director of Facilities.

Each dean is responsible for the following:

1.                  responsibility for identifying who is to be trained and coordinating training times appropriate for his/her staff schedules, and then ensuring that all staff participate in all mandated training

2.                  accountable for all purchases of chemicals and other supplies, ensuring that appropriate chemicals are purchased in appropriate quantities for instructional use

3.                  general oversight over ordinary safety issues, including MSDS sheets for all departments, properly functioning safety equipment in labs and lab service areas, and appropriate storage of materials

4.                  responsible for the annual review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan in collaboration with appropriate staff, making updates as necessary

All deans will coordinate with the Director of Facilities on issues related to safe handling, transport, storage, and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous materials.

The District Manager, Environmental Health and Safety will coordinate with all of the appropriate deans regarding scheduling of mandated training in each area.  In addition, the Environmental Health and Safety manager will work directly with deans on any safety issues.  Direct contact with the staff will be the responsibility of the deans.

This plan is consistent with the plan used at Cypress College and ensures that we are in compliance with respect to safety issues in our programs.

Essentially, the deanís role is focused on oversight, coordination and accountability at the campus level.  The District managerís role is focused on development and supervision of major safety and environmental programs district-wide.