A Few Specific Influences

1.  Complexity and Change:
Theodore Modis, “Forecastng the Growth of Complexity and Change”  The Futurist, May-June (2003)
            Online at: Complexity and Change

2.  Education:
Michael Dolence and Donald Norris, Transforming Higher Education, (1995)
            Soc. For College and University Planning.

Terry O’Banion,  A Learning College for the 21st Century, (1997) Oryx Press. 

3.  Globalization – Politics and Economics:
Thomas P. M. Barnett, The Pentagon’s new Map – War and Peace in the 21st Century, (2004) Putnam.

4.  Science:
John Brockman, The Next Fifty years – Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century,  (2002), Vintage Books.
Editor of Edge, which features “the edge of the world’s knowledge” from its best minds:

5.  Space Exploration:
Bruce Cordell, “Forecasting the Next Major Thrust into Space” (1996) Space Policy, 12, No. 1, 45-57.
            Online at:

6.  Systems Thinking:
Barry Oshry, Seeing Systems, (1995) Berrett-Koehler

7. Long-Term Economic and Societal Trends
Brian Berry, Long-Wave Rhythms in Economic Development and Political Behavior, (1991) Johns Hopkins            University Press

8. Holistic Perspectives:
F. David Peat: Synchronicity – The Bridge Between Matter and Mind, (1987) Bantam