Science Roadmap Initiative


“…to provide a Roadmap for potential FC science transfer students to CSUF, UCI, and other universities…”

Driving Rationales…

  1. Many students come to us at FC with little or no idea of what’s out there or what they could do, but have academic and professional potential to succeed.
  2. Without a Roadmap many students can lose focus, drop out, or lose interest in science before they have a chance to transfer.

Basic Strategy…

  1. Identify potential science transfer students as soon as possible after their arrival at FC.
  2. Connect them at optimal times throughout their experience at FC with CSUF faculty, activities, and resources using faculty-to-faculty connections.
  3. Provide periodic customized faculty advising to participating transfer students.

Just Getting Off the Launcher…

  1. Initial meetings during Spring, 2005 semester have been held with: CSUF Science Dean, FC SRI Working Group (you can join!), CSUF Science Transfer Specialist, FC Counselor…
  2. Currently brainstorming and compiling lists of possible SRI student-related activities including: CSUF faculty giving seminars at FC, FC/CSUF team teaching courses, use of CSUF library by FC students, joint FC/CSUF grant proposals for equipment, activities, etc.
  3. Initial sketches of the Science Roadmap Plan are in-progress and your suggestions, ideas, and voluntary participation are encouraged.

The Win-Win-Win Results Will Include:

  1. Better retention and learning experiences for FC science students (including underrep groups),
  2. Enhanced marketing efforts with students in FC Gen Ed courses as well as in high schools due to coordinated SRI,
  3. More success with grant proposals due to partnerships between FC and Universities,
  4. Benefits for FC Science Gen Ed students from SRI-related activities and equipment acquisitions.
  5. Opportunities for FC and CSUF faculty to collaborate on an ongoing basis,

More, high quality FC science transfer students for CSUF etc. will increase the number of transfers!