The Internal Scan and Strategy

Ideally, an Internal Scan should contain the following for the past five years:
    1.    Campus wide student headcount
    2.    Campus wide FTES
    3.    Campus wide faculty FTE's
    4.    Campus wide WSCH
    5.    Campus WSCH/FTE faculty, by division
    6.    Campus seat balance (seats offered vs seats filled) by division
    7.    Campus average faculty classroom contact teaching hours by division
    8.    Campus seat balance, by division, by day of the week
    9.    Campus total seat balance (total number of student seats available campus wide
           vs seats filled per hour, per day, per division
    10.  Division student headcount
    11.  Division FTES
    12.  Division WSCH by course
    13.  Division faculty FTE's
    14.  Division average class size by course
    15.  Division seat balance by course
    16.  Division WSCH/FTE faculty by department
    17.  Division average faculty contact teaching hours by department 
This information should be synthesized and form the basis for Department Strategic thinking and planning.
Note that items 1 - 9 are designed to be used as a Division-level comparison, and also as the start of a broader campus-wide planning effort.