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Philosophy 101

Introduction to Religious Studies



Philosophy 105

Intro to World Religions


Phil 100 Intro to Philosophy



Note: Some of these readings are excerpts from larger sources.  They are Copyright Protected.  You are free to use them for educational and illustrative purposes directly related to our course.  Any distribution of the readings for any other purposes without the written permission of the author is prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright law.


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Phil 100 Philosophy Spring Syllabus 2016 REVISED Monday Night (FEB 18)

Phil 100 Philosophy Spring Syllabus 2016 REVISED Thursday Afternoon (FEB 18)

Phil 105 World Religions Spr Syllabus 2016 Monday Afternoon


Philosophy 100 Final Exam Materials Test Guide (posted May 8)

Phil 105 World Religions  Final Exam TakeHome Instructions


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Course Material Links

Phil 105 What is Religion and Spirituality? Complete Packet (Feb 2015)

Phil 100,101,105 Buddhism and the Matrix  "What is Reality? Edited Paper"

Phil 105 Levels of Heaven in LDS and Muslim Paradise

Phil 100, 105 Dante's Inferno and 7 Deadly Sins edited

Phil 100 Ethics and Culture

Phil 100 Personality Disorders

Phil 100, 101 Political Options Capitalism Communism Socialism

Phil 100; 101 Conspiracy Theories Packet

PHIL 100 Subliminal Persuasion (Wikipedia edited)

Phil 105: Dr. Gayhart Lecture Notes on Judaism AND ISLAM including Wife Treatment Quran text

Phil 105 Islam Basic Beliefs Edited Wikipedia Article

PHIL 105 JUDAISM Core Beliefs

PHIL 105 Basic Christian Beliefs Edited by Dr. Gayhart

Phil 105: Christianity-- "Jesus as Seen by Other Religions"   excerpt from "Historical Jesus for Dummies" -- Copyright .PDF File

Phil 105: Christianity-- Pentecostal/Evangelical (from St. Laurent)

Phil 105, 100, 101 Creationism/Evolution Yellow Packet

Phil 100,101,105: "Magic and the Occult " Lecture packet Compiled by Dr. Gayhart

Phil 100,101,105 Paranormal TERMS TO KNOW and YouTube Rating Sheet for Videos----   by Dr. Gayhart

Phil 100,101,105: Schermer excerpt from "Why People Believe Weird Things"-- Near Death Experiences (copyright) .pdf File

Phil 105 God in Hinduism

Phil 105 Buddhism Basic Beliefs by a Buddhist Monk

Phil 100,101,105: "The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism"    Dr. Wahpola--Copyright  .PDF File

Phil 105 Hinduism: Deepak Chopra excerpts on Near Death Experiences; Ghosts; Reincarnation and Hinduism --Copyright

Phil 105: Hinduism: Guru Sri Ramana on God and on Reincarnation -Copyright  .PDF File

Phil 100,101,105: Dr. Gayhart Transcript of YouTube Hindu Yogi with College Students









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