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My goal is to help my fellow students. I have a lot of experience dealing with every aspect of being a Fullerton College student. And since I’ve been working on campus during my entire community college career, I also have deeper insight than the average student.

So, please contact me for any help you might need. I don’t know everything, but I know how to find out everything.



Having trouble finding parking, or don't want to pay for a parking permit?

Most people don't want to park far from the college because they don't want to "walk so far." But that depends on what you define as "far". A couple blocks is a lot shorter than you think (see last few paragraphs).

I always find space to park between the college and commonwealth, along Amerige Ave. and Lawrence Ave. That's the street that runs parallel to Lemon on its East side.

Even when I don't find parking on Lawrence, there is always parking on Commonwealth. Commonwealth parking is a MUST on Wednesdays because of street sweeping. However, if your schedule allows you to move your car in time, then you can still park on the street on Wednesdays, because street sweeping is only four hours. Also, they don't ticket during those hours after the street has been cleaned.

Another place to park is any N-S street East of Balcom; Berekley, Princeton, Yale, Lincoln. However, be aware of street sweeping on Wednesdays; you'll have to park on Commonwealth.

The distance between Chapman and Commonwealth or Lemon and Raymond is shorter than the N-S distance of the entire FullColl campus. In other words, if you park in the areas I described, it's about the equivalent of walking from the Bridge to the Library!


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the software most commonly used by everyone on Fullerton College campus. A free version called OpenOffice ( is available via download. It's almost the same as MS Office.

Your college career will be so much easier! if you learn how to use Microsoft Office. The main MS Office application is Word, which is used for most typed assignments (essays, etc.). If you want to get really high-tech with this, then create a Google Account and enlist in Google Documents. It allows you to create and save Microsoft Word documents online, so that you can access them from anywhere, any time, as long as you're connected to the internet. The good thing is that you don't have to use a USB or email files to yourself. The only negative is that you have to have internet access.

PowerPoint, used for presentations, is the second most used MS Office application. PowerPoint is used by people in almost every professional "office", from doctors, teachers, investors, politics, small businesses, etc. It simplifies your ideas and allows you to use your imagination and creativity, which is sometimes difficult to express in the educational/work environment, where you're expected to be professional.

I haven't used Excel as much for classes as much as I use it to keep track of everything from assignments, to my class schedule, to my bills. I'll post some examples later.

You will need to know how to use MS Word and Excel in both your college AND work life! So, if you wouldn't call yourself an expert, then become one! There are easy classes on campus that you can take to learn how to use these programs. I also suggest visiting the Microsoft website and watch the tutorials. Also know how to use MLA format for writing assignments.

Here is a link to MS Office Tips.



These are the three places I check for scholarships:

1) fastweb It's legit, but beware of the ads.

2) Fullerton College Foundation Office

3) My transfer institution's website, i.e. I'm majoring in Geology for Teaching, so I searched the Geology and Education departments' websites at the universities I applied to, like CSUF.










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