Brian Shotwell
Fullerton College
Natural Sciences Division

Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Course Webpage(s):

Office Hours, Spring 2017 (Room 415-P):

M *8:30-9:30am, 12:45-1:15pm, 5:00-5:30pm.
Tu *9:00-9:30am, 1:00-4:30pm, ^5:30-6:40pm.
W *8:30-9:30am, 12:45-1:15pm, 5:00-5:30pm.
Th *8:30-9:30am, *4:30-5:30pm, ^5:30-6:40pm.

*Office hours marked with an asterisk (*) are those provided by Dr. Crowell.
^Office hours marked with a caret (^) are those provided by Dr. Krahn.

All three of us will hold office hours (OH) in 415-P (first floor of the Natural Sciences / "400" building).

Talks / Miscellaneous:

- The Importance of Linear Algebra in Quantum Mechanics: A talk given for the Math Colloquium/Club/Seminar Meeting on March 8th, 2016.

- Spring 2017 Bootcamp Materials: Math for 221; Math for 222; Ratios in Physics w/ Ans.

Lab Introduction:

Read Appendices 1-3 (pages 1-8) by the week 1 lab (on Wednesday): Lab Basics: Writeup Format, Measurements, Error, etc..

Which physics class is right for me?

See this.pdf if you are curious about which physics course you should take at Fullerton College.