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Nothing made sense until I stumbled across Mister Helms' staff webpage. Kayrik Schivalek

I can count on a single hand all the truly beautiful things in the world. Mister Helms' staff webpage make up the thumb and forefinger. Roger St. John

Mister Helms' staff webpage has brought meaning to my life. I know that, from now on, I can, as is he, be a productive member of society. Dr. Jonathan K'Line

I cried when I saw Mister Helms' staff webpage, because I knew that the elusive "fountain of youth" had been found. Chester C Robinson

I've never before seen anything quite like it in all my life! Martin Cheen

Note: Students entering college tend to fall into two main groups:
  1. those entering soon after graduating from high school
  2. those re-entering academics after some time away from school
. These two groups of students often have different needs.

The following is a quick list of helpful links for various things in the lab: