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(PSUMS 2014)


All Math Seminar classes are held in Room 618 and all informal seminars will be held in the Math Lab Annex.  Math Seminars will be held in conjunction with Math 290F, Math 290HF, Math 291F, Math 291HF, Math 295F, and Math 295HF (2 units, CSU/UC Transferable pending approval)

All of the Thursday PSUMS class meetings are open to the public – everyone & all ages welcome


Organizer: Dr. Dana Clahane



Luz Jimenez (FC ’11, Chapman U. ’14)

Craig Luis (FC ’14, UCI ‘16)

Phillip Pesca (FC)

Trevor Ta (FC ’13, UC Berkeley ‘15)

Vinh Tran (FC ’14, UC Berkeley ‘16)


GET UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE IN MATHEMATICS THIS SUMMER, BEFORE YOU TRANSFER!  Contact Dr. Clahane, or simply register on line at www.fullcoll.edu for any of our six summer seminars, Math 290F Pure Math Seminar, Math 290HF Honors Pure Math Seminar, Math 291F Applied Math Seminar, Math 291HF Honors Applied Math Seminar, Math 295F Math Seminar, or Math 295HF Honors Math Seminar (these courses are not repeatable, so if for example, you have taken Math 290, then you cannot take it, nor can you take Math 290HF, but you can take Math 291F or Math 291HF instead if you have not had those) which meet jointly MTWTh 11am-1:10pm in Room 624, 6/30-7/24.  Class size is small and there are many opportunities for one-on-one instruction in this course.  Any student who has had Math 40 or two years of high school algebra or its equivalent will be very prepared for their math courses by participating in these new courses, which are not currently offered at other community colleges.  Warning: If you attempt to register for any of the courses and get a “Prerequisite Error” see an Admissions Counselor to have your Math 40 Prerequisite cleared so that Banner will accept your registration into any one of the above courses.  Also, see the Searchable Class Schedule at www.fullcoll.edu for more details about the courses above, or the College Catalog.  Any student who is a math major or who will be taking Math 141 or higher should seriously consider taking this course, as it can help you increase your performance in more difficult math courses.


The requirements for the course are

1) faithful attendance,

2) a 10-20 minute talk on a topic assigned by Dr. Dana Clahane that is of mutual interest to both you and him (2 talks are required for honors students), and

3) a LaTeX-typeset research thesis of 10 pages or more (15 if you are an honors student) in correct English and mathematical language, with input from Dr. Clahane. 


This can be thought of as a math course “on the edge” of what is known in mathematical science.  There are no exams, although your talk can be viewed as a sort of oral qualifying exam.


Speakers to include: Dr. Dana Clahane (FC), Dr. Jonathan Merzel (Soka University of America), Dr. Kevin Scully (The Aerospace Corporation), Dr. Bernard Russo (UCI) and more faculty TBA!  Also, we will have one student speaker each week.  Main colloquia will be held on Thursdays, and on MTW we will focus on specific ongoing research projects, depending on the interests and background of the participants.


Especially well-qualified students may be awarded a stipend (pending funding approval) for their work in this course, and the best students will be recognized at an awards ceremony on the final day of PSUMS.


Students of ALL AGES are welcome, as long as they have completed Math 40 or two years of high school algebra with grades of “C” or better.  Both pure and applied mathematics projects are available.


For more details, including abstracts and student speakers, go





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