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Taking an Online Class (All students must read.)



General Psychology (PSY 101) ONLINE CLASSES


Be sure to check the printed class schedule for the dates the class starts and ends.  Also, be sure to pay close attention to the final exam date.  This is an online final exam and the date is set.  Thus, no changes will be allowed.  Plan ahead to .  A  PDF version of the printed schedule is available online at






Taking an Online Class in Blackboard

Important Information For All ONLINE Blackboard Students - Please Read

It is important that your expectations and time demands should match the course itself.  This class is for self-motivated students with adequate computer skills.    To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, please read the information below.    If you have questions, please email me (  I will be happy to answer your questions.

1.  Expectations

Online classes require the same participation and time commitment as a typical class.  However, the benefit of online learning is that it saves driving and parking time AND you can access the class at times that are convenient for your schedule.  The class covers the same material as a traditional face-to-face class in a different format online.  It is NOT easier than the face-to-face (traditional) class.    

2.  Course Schedule and Time Demands

Check to see the term (or length) of the class.  Some are short-term (8 or 9 weeks) courses during the regular or summer semesters. Refer to

the course schedule for exact start and end dates.  Typical classes in a regular semester are typically 16 weeks in length.  Therefore, if the course is short-term the pace of the course is a lot faster than a regular face-to-face class.  It is important that you take this into consideration before enrolling in the class.

Students should plan to spend between 12 and 15 hours each week on this class (studying, reading, activities, reading/posting messages, etc.).  Thus, you will need to set aside sufficient time each week to complete the work.  Self-motivation is important because distractions can lead to inadequate time allocations that result in poor grades.   

 I will be in the class often and I hold regular office hours in my Virtual Office Chat Room, refer to the syllabus for hours.  

 3.  Technical Needs

You will need access to a computer and the Internet from home.  Do not enroll in the class if you plan to use the computer and Internet in the computer labs on campus or your place of employment.   Some free Internet service-providers have advertisements flashing on the screens, etc.    These conflict with Blackboard 9.1 and cannot be used.    You will also need to disable pop-up blockers because the exams, discussion, and chat rooms screens are considered pop-ups by most Internet browsers.   The most current version of Firefox is the best browser to use. 

4.  Orientation

Typically, there isn't a required on-campus orientation for most of my online classes.  However, there may be optional orientations available.  Check the email I send the class for this information.  I will email the class login instructions and the syllabus prior to the class beginning.  All enrolled students must have their current email address listed in WebStar/My Gateway.  That is the email address I use to send the information to your home in case of a server outage, etc.  If you don't have an external email address, I will not be able to reach you.  Please note that students that fail to log into the class the first two days may be dropped from the class. 

5.  Distance Learning at FC

Online course tutorials and other information are available on the Distance Learning website.  Please visit the site and review the information there.  I think you will find it quite useful.   Http://



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