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History 270 classes 

Required texts 

Teipe, Emily. Different Voices; Women in United States History. CAT  second edition

(dark blue cover)


ancillary readings for this semester please consult instructor and course syllabus


Courses Offered


History 270 (3 units) A History of Women in the United States from the colonial era to the contemporary period; emphasis placed on gender issues and women's roles in social and political reform.  The course is taught primarily in lecture presentations utilizing power point and film.  One section of the course is offered on campus each semester.  History 270 is also offered as an OnLine course during the academic year and in summer session. 


Introduction to Women Studies: Women's Studies 100

Women's Studies 100 is an introductory course in Women's Studies which is taught online each semester

This course has an emphasis on reading, written assignments, film analysis and a comprehensive  final exam.


Western Civilization- History 110 - A survey course in the history of the Western Tradition from Prehistory, Ancient states of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome concluding with the development of European civilization.  Fall semester 2013  an Honors section of Western Civilization will be offered.  







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