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image of flaskCourse Description Chem 103, Chemistry in a Changing World CRN #23401 is an online section of Chem 103 in the Spring 2016 semester.
This course is intended for non-science students seeking general education
credit in a physical science course without a laboratory. Course emphasizes basic principles of chemistry and prepares students by developing thinking skills that can be applied to challenges in a changing world. This course serves as an introduction to the world of chemistry in the context of forensic examination used during investigation of case studies provided in each chapter of the textbook. The case studies provide a focus for chemical concepts used during the scientific investigation. Both a novel and fun approach to chemistry, I hope you enjoy this course as it is presented. You will need the textbook, the accompanying portal to the textbook, Launchpadl, and access to Blackboard at Fullerton College. Read all of the material below before you start the course.

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this course

Video - Course Overview for Online Chem 103 Enrolled Students - 15 minutes video is now available in Blackboard

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Fall 2016

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