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I attended the University of Utah as an undergraduate in chemistry and lived in Park City, Utah.  I spent a lot of time working so I could pay my way through school in Utah and graduated in 1986. I received my Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of California, Riverside in 1991 where I studied geometrical isomers of conjugated polyenes such as bithiophene using supersonic jet spectroscopy.  As a post doctoral fellow at UCLA, I studied  thin films using surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) and phase transitions using a impedance analyzed quartz crystal microbalance. I then taught general chemistry at UCLA on and off from late summer of '92 till '95. The commute was horrid and I enjoy teaching smaller classes. Luckily I found a great job near home working with great people at Fullerton College. I feel really fortunate and grateful to be here working with such high caliber instructors, staff, and of course, students.  

I have been a chemistry instructor at Fullerton College since 1996. I acted as the department coordinator for about four years and presently doing what I do best: teaching chemistry courses. I was a participant in a chemistry grant at CSUF that uses web-delivered tools in chemistry and am a WATChDOG (Web Assisted Tools in Chemistry Developers Online Group). I was also involved in FLASH, a NSF grant consortium of chemistry instructors in the Western United States and brought money to Fullerton College to build a chemistry computer studio and implement web-based material in our chemistry courses. I try to stay current in chemistry and hope to be involved in more grants in the future.

I have been actively involved in web-based instruction for quite some time. I have been using online components in my courses even before I started working at Fullerton College. I used the WebCT server at UCLA prior to Fullerton College and implementing it here too. I have used it every semester since 1996. I have taught both hybrid and on campus courses in the past, but for now, all of my courses are web-enhanced. I have recently employed the use of clickers in my classes and find that it is a very useful tool.

I was a California Virtual Campus mentor at Fullerton College in the past and have taught both beginning and advanced Camtasia workshops at the CVC. I have acted as the online coordinator and instructional designer on and off in the past as well. In the past I developed pages for OTEC (the Online Teaching Effectiveness Center) and am trained faculty in various uses of the online environment and WebCT. I have taken several workshops and was actively involved in trainer certification through the CVC and industry.
Currently I am enjoy teaching chemistry, but look forward to taking a sabbatical someday soon and entering the research arena again.


My passion outside of teaching is horses. I used to have a small horse breeding business, but simply don't have the time any more to work with a lot of horses. I used to ride a lot, but now can't seem to find the time. I try to work out a lot and enjoy working on my website.  I also enjoy working with graphics, going to Las Vegas, and spending time with my husband of 21 years, Richard.

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