Advice from Transferred Students

Fullerton College


I ask students who have transferred to write their advice to FC students:
  • If you can take all your required chemistry classes in community college, do so. If not, and if you have to transition from community college chemistry classes to UCLA level chemistry classes, get ready to hit the ground running. The lecture classes are manageable, because they're more of the same just harder, but the lab classes are much more difficult in its very nature, and there's no easy way to prepare yourself, you'll just have to be prepared to be among a bunch of students who are bounds ahead of you already, because they're so much more familiar with the type of lab offered here. To give you an idea, I took the harder organic chemistry path, consisting of 2 lecture classes and a lab class. I finished the two lecture classes with an A- (chem 30A) and an A (chem 30B). I'm currently finishing up the lab (chem 30BL), and I'm struggling to even pass the class. It's brutal in there! Now at UCLA Psychobiology.

  • 1) Make sure you have good study habits because you will need those when you transfer! 2)Be all you can be to reach your dreams and goals-don't let anyone/anything deter you from what you want most! University California Riverside, Biology.

  • People slack off in university even more than they do at college, so don't worry about a thing. Choose your major wisely...once you're on your path in university with 3 years invested you don't want to waste them by changing to a completely different subject. Now at UCLA MIMG, microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics

  • Time management, discipline. Now at Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy.

  • Do the reading and don't wait until the last minute! Now at University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

  • become involved in more extracurricular activities (I did not at FC). I remember the semester of Cellular and Molecular Biology with you well. In addition to convincing me to pursue this whole biochemistry thing, the style of lecture prepared me well for class here at UCSD. Major in Biochemistry & Cell Biology, UCSD.

  • If you are interested in a program, make sure to do a lot of research on the various schools that you want to attend. Many pharmacy schools have different requirements and pre-requisites and use different types of application methods so be sure you are well informed before application time comes around. 2) If interested in pharmacy, make sure you have experience in any type of health care setting because the admissions committee likes to see that you have background knowledge of the health care industry. University of Southern Nevada, School of Pharmacy.

  • Don't work full-time. Study what you love. CSUF, Biochemistry.

  • The most important thing to learn is how to study. Try different techniques to see how you can remember and understand the material. 2. Talk to other students about possible professors. RateMyProfessor.com and other such websites are totally unreliable and misleading. UCI, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help understaning the material, keep organized.

  • I would advise students to take school seriously, because when looking back, all the stress and hardships of the course do not seem all that terrible. Thus, I think that it is very important to prioritize, in order to do one's best. I also think that taking 272 Cell Bio with you has been a great decision. I feel that it has definitely prepared me, and given me an advantage, when taking other biology courses:o) Secondly, I would advise that students should also make time in order to relax and enjoy themselves. Though having been very successful in my courses, I often look back and think if i could possibly have snuck more fun time into the two years that have gone by since Bio272. I now feel that the college years are not only to focus on one's studies in order to attain one's goals, but to also help develop the person's personality and fill with new experiences. I wish the students a lot of luck. California State University, Fullerton. Biology Major with emphasis in Cellular and Developmental Bio. Minor in Chemistry.

  • 1. Do what Dr. Wu assigns 2. Study and party hard. UCI, Public Health Science.

  • 1) pay attention during the lecture. (if the topic is very new to you then, record the lecture and listen to it right after class. it helped me to understand the lecture easily.  2) study hard during the week :) so you can have a weekend free!

  • 1) Work 2) Volunteer. UCSD, Molecular Synthesis.

  • Study and do the best you can, because it only gets harder and take your time to figure out what you want to major in because finding out that you are in a major you don't like makes everything more difficult. Santa Clara University, Biology.