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On this website, you should be able to find information about my classes, learn a little bit about me, and locate ways to contact me.

All of my classes are based on the concept that attendance matters. I greatly enjoy teaching and make a strong effort to get to know each student in order to forge the best possible working relationship. I find teaching the students at Fullerton College a very rewarding experience. I encourage you to look around my site to learn more about me and the classes that I teach. Be sure to check out class syllabi to get a sense of what we will be doing in class.

For general information about my classes, please click on the right panel links. Updated textbook information is available, in case you would like to purchase your text early.

If you are enrolled in one of my classes, check your Fullerton College Email (through MyGateway) during the week before classes begin. Also, if you intend to enroll in one of my classes, this site will give you valuable information about my teaching philosophy and about the materials I cover in my courses. I frequently update this site, so keep checking back for more!


Math 40, you need to have a required MyMathLab(MML) Student Access Code. Textbook is NOT required for ALL my classes. You can print pages from MML.

Homework will be assigned on Day 1. Don't wait until classes have begun to purchase the book. Get it early, especially if you are ordering the book online as it will take time to ship!! You may get textbook information by clicking the "Fullerton College Bookstore" icon located on the online class schedule. You are welcome to purchase/rent any version of the book: Hardcopy or E-book.

Courses I Will Teach:

  • Math 40(online course)
  • Math 141F
  • Math 129
    • Download the PDF reader here if needed for accessing files in pdf.

    Download the PDF Reader

    Thank you, and Welcome to our Class! I look forward to meeting you soon.

    Note: Updates will be added throughout the year.