M. Leonor Monreal

Anthropology Department


Anthropology is the field that studies humans, and as an anthropologist, I strongly believe that it is important to follow the four-field approach in order to gain a more holistic understanding of what it means to be human. My research and interests focus on Latin American cultures, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, archaeology and the preservation of indigenous cultures. My interest in anthropology started as I was growing up in Mexico and visiting the amazing legacies left behind by the diverse cultural groups of Mesoamerica. I love to travel and expose students to the beauty of Latin America.

    I have been teaching anthropology since 2003, and I am very happy to be a full-time faculty at Fullerton College where I earned my A.A. Fullerton College is a great place of learning, networking, and becoming active in our community. The anthropology department is very active in organizing events and field trips for students. I feel very fortunate to be part of this college and department. My passion is to continue learning about people and cultures all over the world. I am currently working on my doctorate in Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

*Important Information on the Fullerton College Wait List PolicyFC has instituted a wait list policy in which once a class is full students have an option of putting their name on the wait list.  Getting your name on the wait list is the primary way to get into a class that is full.  The wait list has room for 15 students and then it closes.  If you are trying to get into a class I recommend that you  log in daily and see if there is an opening on the wait list.  I will be adding students from the wait list when room is available.  Please do not email me asking for an exception.  I will be using the wait list as the priority for student adds and I cannot even add a student until the first day of class.  I realize it is difficult to get into classes with all of the budget cuts.  I wish you the best of luck in getting the class(es) that you need. 


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