Mr. Marc Willis


Spring 2011

Online Physical Geology Course Guidelines

Course Number    Physical Geology
Course Description:  This introductory course explores the physical composition of the Earth and those processes that modify its surface.  Topics include earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, beach processes, and earth resources.  Field trips may be taken.
Prerequisite: None

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Spring 2011

  1. General Information (pdf)
  2. Learning Outcomes (pdf)
  3. Textbook Requirements (pdf)
  4. Computer and Internet Requirements (pdf)
  5. Course Web Sites and Online Tools (pdf)
  6. E-Mail Rules of Conduct (pdf)
  7. Office Hours (pdf)
  8. Course of Studies: How it Works (pdf)
  9. Participation Assignments (pdf)
  10. Quizzes and Exams (pdf)
  11. Course Syllabus (pdf)
  12. Extra Credit Policy (pdf)

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