Patricia Green Pappas

Professor of Child Development and Educational Studies

Fullerton College

Ella Jenkins visit to the Lab School Kourtney is the child

Ella Jenkins visited the Lab School and put on a concert outside for the children, college students and teachers.


Telephone: 714 - 992-7499

Office: 1414:04



CDES 115 Introduction to Curriculum Hybrid  Course

A 3 unit ECE course in eight weeks.

Four hours in class per each of the eight weeks.

12 hours out of class on line work per week. 

(On line component , computer, audio, audio visuals, etc.)

Find out where the Library and computer labs are on campus.  Student may use home computers.

HYBRID CLASS: The above course requires students to attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION

Students MUST ATTEND the orientation/first class or they will be dropped

This course also requires students to login to their course online as well as meet on campus for four hours

per week to complete course assignments.

 Note: Day/Time listed in class schedule. For course specific requirements.

When you register for 115 make sure you register for the art, music, language or science/math ece class that follow the introductory course.  You make take the art, music, etc. the following semester (s) as well. 




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115 Lectures

Online Lecture Three Audio (See My Gateway for files)

Online Lecture Three Part Two Audio Files

Online Lecture Four Audio (See My Gateway for files )

Online Lecture Five

Online Lecture Six