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Fall 2014 courses
     Math 20 Tues/Thurs
     Math 20 Hybrid

Spring 2015 courses
Math 20 Tues/Thurs
     Math 40 Tues/Thurs
     Math 20 ONLINE

Summer 2015
    Math 20 ONLINE

Math & CS Division

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Fall 2014 Math 20 Tues/Thurs

       9:30am-11:35am in room 1903
       Class Syllabus:  Math 20 930 syllabus.pdf

       11:45am -1:50pm in room 617
       Class Syllabus:  Math 20 1145 syllabus.pdf

Each of these will be using a program called MyMathLab.  Each student will be required to purchase access and register online (the cost is approximately $95).  MyMathLab has many features, including online homework assignments, section lecture videos, and the ability to view the textbook online.  Full details about the program will be given on the first scheduled day of class.  Students that do not attend the first day may be dropped from the class.   

Click here for MyMathLab registration information:  
       Fall 2014 MyMathLab info.pdf

         For MyMathLab System Requirements, go to


Textbook Information:  The textbook required for this class is Beginning Algebra, 11th edition, written by Margaret Lial, John Hornsby, and Terry McGinnis.  You can purchase the textbook in hard copy form, or you may access the textbook online from our MyMathLab course website.