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2017-2018 Student Researchers


Welcome to our Student Researcher Page!



ESURI Research Supervisor

Hey I'm Grecia! I'm a student at Fullerton College gaining some research experience before applying to grad school. In the future, I plan to continue my studies in oceanography and finding innovative ways of involving the community in ocean conservation. Outside of work and school, you'll always find me on some new adventure camping, hiking, and exploring new places. 



ESURI Student Researcher

I am currently a biology/environmental science student at Fullerton College. In my career, I hope to focus my research on conservation biology. With an interest in art, I would like to start a collaboration with artists to use visual art as a means to improve communications between scientists and individuals in an effort to convey the importance of conservation at a global and personal level. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, painting, calligraphy, photography, and traveling.


ESURI Student Researcher

Hey, my name is Shiv Bhagat, currently studying at Fullerton College as a biology major. I want to pursue an associate’s degree in Science from Fullerton College and transfer to a 4 year University to complete my further studies. I am highly motivated, and dedicated towards my studies as being a student. Also, I am an outdoor person, I really like to go out for adventure tours like forest campfire,hiking and spent some wonderful time with beautiful flora and fauna of our gorgeous planet. Besides from my studies for my major, right now I am currently working on Marine Debris Research Project and contributing my qualitative time in protecting aquatic wildlife and oceans. 
















ESURI Student Researcher

Currently working towards her Associates Degree in Marine Biology at Fullerton College, Sarah aspires to work in research focusing on the conservation and rehabilitation of marine life. Passionate about the protection of all wildlife, Sarah is driven and working towards the goal of creating an Eco-friendly and greener planet. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors surrounded by nature; and is currently working towards her scuba diving certification.


ESURI Student Researcher

Jonathan is studying Marine Biology at Fullerton College. His research involves studies of aquaponics systems and construction of a low cost, low maintenance systems for urban environments. He spends his free time either playing soccer, hiking, or at school.