CSCI 223: C Language for Mathematics and Science

General Information

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This course is an introduction to the C programming language. Topics covered include program flow and logic, bitwise operations, structures and bit fields, binary arithmetic, preprocessor macros, text and binary file I/O, linked lists, advanced pointer manipulation, multi-dimensional arrays, variable-length argument lists, operating system interfaces, static and dynamic libraries. Students will design, code and test program applications in the mathematics, scientific and engineering environments.


A grade of C or better in an introductory programming course such as CSCI 123: Introduction to Programming Concepts in C/C++.

Other Requirements

One hour per week in the Computer Science Lab, for a total of ten hours by the end of the semester.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of CSCI 223 F C Language for Math and Science the student will be able to design and implement programs that leverage the specialized low-level aspects of the C programming language, such as pointers, bitwise manipulation and memory management.