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Bill Cowieson

Bill Cowieson Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles

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Teaching Schedule, Fall 2016

  • Math 142 (Textbook)
    No online/MyMathLab stuff for this class, just a regular book. (You can buy/lease a digital version if you prefer, but be sure to get the 8th edition).
    Class meetings:
    MW 3:15-5:20PM in Room 1959 (CRN 13918)
  • Math 120 (Textbook -- optional, see below)
    I am teaching two sections of this course. Use of MyMathLab is REQUIRED for BOTH sections. Since the online version of the text is included with your purchase of MML access, you are not required to also buy the physical book (though of course you may do so if you wish).
    Class meetings:
    TR 5:30-7:35PM in Room 1957 (CRN 10980)
    TR 8:00-10:05PM in Room 1904 (CRN 14184)

    R 11:45-1:50PM in Room 719 (CRN 13665) -- Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, this hybrid course has been CANCELED.
  • Math 255 (Textbook) NEW COURSE!
    Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, this class has been CANCELED.
    This class covers all the linear algebra covered in Math 250B, 250C, and 172, and possibly more (depending on time) in a comprehensive, focused manner, following a really great text by David Lay. Unlike 250B/C, the only prerequisite for this course is Math 150B, not 250A, so you can take it sooner if you want/need to. For those who want/need to learn linear algebra but don't want/need differential equations, this is DEFINITELY the course for you. Even if you do want/need differential equations, you may prefer taking this course and Math 260 separately, rather than crammed together. Math 255 and 260 are fully transferable to CSU/UC -- in fact, unlike 250B/C, they both have already been approved by C-ID, California's course identification system for streamlined transfers.
    Class meetings:
    MW 11:45-1:50PM in Room 624 (CRN 14201)
  • Office Hours in 611-02
    MW 5:30-7:10PM, R 4:05-5:20PM

Contact Information

  • Email
  • Phone 1.714.992.7396
  • Office Location North Science Building Room 611-02.
  • Mail 321 East Chapman Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832-2095