Fullerton College

Dr. Annie Bianchino



Contact Info:



PhD biochemistry, UCLA

office room 411-10

MS biochemistry, UCSD

phone 714 992 7436

BS chemistry, Brooklyn College, CUNY



Courses Taught at Fullerton College


Chem 101

Chem 201

Chem 107

General and Organic Chemistry for Allied Health Students

Organic and Biological Chemistry for Allied Health Students

Elementary Chemistry

Preparation for Chem 111A


For more specific information about these classes see the course page in MyGateway (you must be enrolled to view).


STEM Involvement


FYE:  first year experience

Boot Camps

SI:  supplemental instruction




My Bio/Info:  


I have taught chemistry classes at Fullerton College for over 20 years.  I am focused on student success in my classes, and in the Natural Sciences Division.  Chemistry is amazing, and I hope that my students get that as they study chemistry and see how it applies to their other classes and to everything around them.  Yes, chemistry is hard work, but it is so worth it.  I am involved with SI (supplemental instruction) for classes, workshops, and boot camps that help students succeed in the sciences.  Ask me about these.


My background is in biochemistry, mainly in protein structure/function.  I also love metabolism, ever since I had to memorize that first metabolic pathway.  Food science fascinates me as well, so come chat with me about foods, nutrition, and food science too.