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Another 100 miles for a good cause

April 6, 2009

I'm a gluten for punishment! I'm going to give this challenge another whirl. 2006 I did this ride in Orange County, and rode a total of 104 miles and raised somewhere in the range of $2500 for cancer research. This time around I'll try the ride in San Jose and see if I can raise another $2000.

Here's the ride profile:

For donations (TAX DEDUCTABLE) see

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Back to C++

November 27, 2006

This Summer I'll be instructing a new course (new that is for me)! CSCI 123 Introduction to Programming Concepts in C++. The course will be fast paced and quite a challenge for myself and the students. However, I plan on having a good time, as this is my first course in Computer Science Department @ Fullerton College. What fun this will be!!!

Livestrong - in the OC

March 5, 2006

Livestrong ChallengeUpdate: I've signed up for a 100 mile ride in the OC in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation called the Livestrong Challenge. If you're interested, check out the web site. You can walk, run or ride a bike. Also the mileage differs, so you don't have to ride or run 100 miles. I'm just overly amped from all the Starbucks, and thought I would make it worth my while by doing the whole thing. Even better, ALL proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. So what is the donation for? Where does your money go? Here's a brief description of what LAF does:

  • More than $9.6 million granted toward cancer survivorship and testicular cancer research
  • More than $1.7 million invested in the development of 5 comprehensive cancer survivorship centers across the country
  • Nearly $1.6 million invested in survivorship education and outreach initiatives with 60+ national and regional community partners including Fertile Hope, CancerCare, the Office of Native Cancer Survivorship, and the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship
  • Advocacy efforts helped increase NCI Office of Cancer Survivorship budget by 256% and CDC Comprehensive Cancer Control budget by 383%
  • 4-Star Charity Navigator ranking with more than 80% of LAF expenses invested in mission-related activities and grants
  • A National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship: Advancing Public Health Strategies developed in partnership with the CDC helps the public health community address cancer survivorship issues
  •  More than $2 million invested in 104 Community Program Partner initiatives that provide direct support and education to people living with cancer
  • 500 cancer survivors and caregivers per month receive direct support and referrals from social workers and case managers through the LIVESTRONG™ SurvivorCare Program
  • 200,000 visitors per month utilize valuable tools and information from the LIVESTRONG™ Resource for Cancer Survivors
  • 7,200 volunteers across the country raise funds and awareness for the LAF through the Peloton Project
  • Approximately 55 million people across the globe wear a LIVESTRONG™ wristband in support of people living with cancer

For more information you can check out my page on the Livestrong web site, This will be a struggle to get through the training and the ride, but it's well worth it. For more information on my training, fitness, and riding see,

Along with my training for the Livestrong century, I'm preparing for this coming race season, so we'll see how I fair in this years mountain biking competitions. In addition, I've been riding a few other areas: Vail Lake, Grout Bay, the Santa Ana River Trail. Here's a photo of Eric coming up from the Santa Ana River Trail.


Gooseberry Mesa - West of Zion - UT

December 17, 2005

Today the goose was loose! After much procrastination and complaining about the holiday season coming and having no time to spare, I finally got off of my rear and headed to Utah for a day of fun in the sun at Gooseberry Mesa Trail. After forgetting my helmet, and leaving my camera back at the hotel, and loosing my awesome little multi-tool, I was definitely committed to riding the Goose. s Even more discouraging, was knowing that the evenings were 20 - something degrees and the expected highs were only 40 - something. We (Tim, Eric and I) geared up and headed out to the trial this afternoon. I must say, I was already cold before we started, but once on the trail it was so much fun I forgot about the cold in places. There was so much bobbing and weaving that it completely took me out of my normal riding style of just pedaling. How much fun was this?

I must admit that the trail coming 10/15 feet next to the edge was a bit unnerving near Rattlesnake rim, but once we were headed back on the North Rim Trail the nerves settled a little (then again I'm not much for heights, but this was spectacular). I think the route we took was something like 12.8 miles and it took something like 3 hours, due to the scenery, and some mechanic problems with my stem. However, Tim managed to fix my issues and I was able to continue.

It's 1:05 am and I'm still trying to get this up on the web so you can check it out (I'm still pumped from today). The video is comprised of video from today and some from the last time Eric and Tim rode the Trail. Tim had some extra video which he took, but his camera was on low resolution, so you can't really make anything out, so I opted for Eric's previous video to give you a view of what the trail is like. Today's video you'll get some footage of Eric riding right on the edge (I really hate when he does that).

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