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Tour de Georgia, GA

April 2005

I know this is a late post, but since I couldn't resist posting some photos and a video of Lance Armstrong in this year's Tour de Georgia, I thought, "better late than never". Since I've been posting some on 24 hours and Durango, I thought I should add some of the most amazing athletes in world. If you're one of those individual that thinks that riding a bike isn't really a sport, I say grab your bike and head up your local hill climb. Now do that for an hour and you're not even scratching the surface. These guys are doing this for a month at a time at an average of a 100 miles a day. Oh and did I forget to mention, they DON'T cancel bike races due to weather, so you might want to grab your jacket (rain and snow) and let me know how it goes. At any hoot, here's some cool stuff:

Lance Armstrong Time Trial (mpeg - 3.6 MB)
Lance Armstrong Photo
Floyd Landis Photo (Floyd won the stage and he's a local so cal boy)


24 Hours of Adrenalin - Idyllwild, CA

Sept 25, 2005

So this weekend I got to hang out with a couple hundred mountain bikers at the 24 hour race in Idyllwild. It was fun, difficult, demanding, stressful, and successful all in the same breath. Amazing to watch people sit on a bike for 24 hours or somewhere around 24 hours to see the determination and strength that people display. What an inspirational sight to see! Truly impressive!

MTB - Durango, CO

July, 2005

This year I decided to join my friend Eric in Durango again for some Epic mountain biking. You know you just never realize that you're really not riding till you get to Durango. Yeah California has some mountains 6500 feet, but Durango starts at 6500 in town and goes to something like 13,000 feet.
At any rate, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing Durango for the second year in a row. I hope to do it again in 2006. It is such wonderful place to visit and see. Oh did I mention the inspiration, I got hammered by 70 year old jogging up a hill I couldn't (or should I say wouldn't) climb.

Animas River
Hermosa Creek
Pass Creek to Engineer Mountain
Test Track
A Few Photos of Utah

JavaOne 2005 - San Francisco, CA

June 30, 2005

A week of technical sessions, a couple of parties (of course I had to celebrate 10 years of Java Technology), and tons of knowledge I didn't already have. What a week! Met folks from Canada, Denmark, Germany, Brasil, you name it, and there was representation. I even ran into a classmate from FIU. Amazing what a small world. You can move completely across the country and still run into people you know. Oh did I mention, we got to hang with Gary Cantrell (Alice in Chains), a couple guys from Jane's Addiction, Incubus, and the singer from Third Eye Blind as they jammed out on Wednesday night.

Well, the network at the Moscone Center had to be the most contributing factors to internet blogging this week. Although I didn't update my blog till after the conference, I did notice a number of attendees logged on and posting the most recent Java information into their blogs. So, I've done the same. I'd like to think this post is more or less a digital notepad for some of the things that I was exposed to this week. What an excellent week! More Photos Me blog...

Graduation - Fullerton, CA

May 28, 2005

So I finally did it. Seems like it took longer than needed, but at least it's done. Masters in the bag! I've posted a couple images for those interested in seeing my Graduation California style. It feels good to be out of school... Let's see how long it lasts. I might get the educational itch again... More

24 Hours of Adrenalin - Idyllwild, CA

April 29, 2005

Here's a shot from this past weekend at Hurkey Creek in Idyllwild, CA.
I was on a four and a half man team. Although the team didn't do very well, one member had a bad crash (thought he broke an ankle), another flatted twice, both taking 2 hour laps, I still had fun. So, once that occurred we were pretty much out of the running a decent placement, but a good time was had by all. At least I got some sleep and could hammer out my laps for the fun of it. If you haven't tried a 24 hour race and cycle, I'd suggest trying it. It's a great time for everyone. Especially some place like Hurkey Creek.

Hermosa Creek

Colorado - 2004

When I'm not on the computer, I like to spend my time mountain bike riding or road riding. This shot was taken on a trip I took to see a friend of mine in Colorado, Eric.
When I get time, I'll eventually create site for the Great Adventures of Eric, so you can see the world on a mountain bike. He's spends countless hours on the bike in some of the greatest places in the world. I also hope to add some more images of my own adventures. Next stop is Europe in July if I ever finish this thesis and stop procrastinating with this web site and my BLOG...

Here's a few more pics of my trip to Colorado.
Hermosa Creek
Dutch Creek



Photos are from my digital camera (what a great invention)
Top: San Juan Trail, Southern California
Welcome: Hermosa Creek, Colorado
Hermosa Creek: Me on the trail...