Bio 101: General BIOLOGY
Jo Wen Wu, Ph.D.
Fullerton College

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Download Syllabus for Jo Wu's Bio 101 Course during Fall 2017 (August 28 - December 15):

Lectures: Mondays 5:30-9:40 pm in room 420 with Jo Wu (
  • Lab: Tuesday 6:209:30 pm in Room 429 with Valerie Wong (
  •  Lab: Wednesday 6:20 9:30 pm in Room 422 with 
  • Lab: Wednesday 6:20 9:30 pm in Room 429 with Jo Wu (
  • This integrated lecture-laboratory course is an introductory non-majors course that will 1) emphasize the fundamental understanding of basic biological principles, 2) illustrate the structure and function of living organisms and their relationship to the physical world, and 3) develop the student's ability to make effective decisions regarding contemporary issues in natural sciences. Lecture topics include 1) the structure and function of life at the cellular and organismic levels, 2) metabolism, photosynthesis and energetics, 3) cell division and animal development 4) classical and molecular genetics, 5) biotechnical development and applications, 6) evolution and adaptations of living organisms, and 7) ecological relationships and environmental conservation.
    Non-majors course. 5 semester units. Four hours lecture and three hours laboratory per week.(UC/CSU) (Degree Credit)

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of BIOL 101, General Biology, the student will be able to

  • a) collect and analyze data using standard scientific techniques and methodology,
    b) evaluate the relationships between various components of an ecosystem,
    c) and summarize the relationships between genetic variation, natural selection, and speciation in evolutionary terms.