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Jo Wen Wu, Ph.D.
Fullerton College

Fall 2006 Course Schedule

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Lecture Topic




Aug 21.  23

Introduction to Genetics
Chromosomes & Cellular Reproduction

Ch 1, 2




Aug 28, 30

Basic Principles of Heredity

Ch 3



Sep 6

Sep 4 = No school
Sep 9 = Drop without "W"

Ch 4

Virtual Fly Online


Sep 11, 13

Pedigree Analysis

Ch 6, 20a

Virtual Fly Online


Sep 18, 20

Exam  1
Extensions & Modifications 

Ch 5



Sep 25, 27

Linkage & Gene Mapping

Ch 7

Drosophila Chromosomes


Oct 2, 4

Genetics of Bacteria & Viruses
Genetics of Cancer

Ch 8

Pedigree Online


Oct 9. 11

 Chromosome Structure

Ch 9

Hemoglobin Online


Oct 16, 18

Exam  2
DNA, Replication
RNA, Transcription, Processing

10 -15



Oct 23, 25

Gene Mutation, DNA Repair


Genetic Engineering


Oct 30, Nov 1

Control of Gene Expression


Genetic Engineering


Nov 6, 8

Recombinant DNA Technology


Genetic Engineering


Nov 13, 15

Exam 3
Genomics Techniques




Nov 20, 22

Organelle Genetics
Nov 22 = Last Drop Day

19, 20

PCR and DNA Fingerprinting



Nov 27, 29

Molecular Evolution


Bioinformatics and BLAST


Dec 4, 6

Population Genetics
Quantitative Genetics

Exam  4


Population Genetics Online


Dec 11

To be announced
No class Dec 13


Dec 9-13: Jo at Cell Biology Conference


Dec 18 @ 7am

Final Exam





Jo Wen Wu, Ph.D.
Fullerton College

Fall 2006 Syllabus

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Instructor CONTACT Information:

Phone: (714) 992-7095, FAX: (714) 441-2089
Class: MW 8 - 11am @ Rm 422

Office Hours in 419-024:

                       Mon 11am -1pm, Wed 11am-noon

                       Mon 8-10pm AOL IM "drjowu"

                       By appointment



COURSE DESCRIPTION (4 semester units, 3 hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week):

Prerequisite: CHEM 111A General Chemistry and either BIOL 170 Organismal Biology, 272 Cell and Molecular Biology or 274 General Ecology

This course is a comprehensive survey of the processes and products of genetics. Through a review of experimental evidence, students evaluate the basic tenets of molecular, transmission and population genetics, and use the science of genetics to appraise the relationship of genetics to the processes and products of microevolution and macroevolution. The philosophy and methods of science, as well as the theory of evolutionary thought are integrated throughout.  Designed for Biological Sciences majors in transfer programs.



       Textbook: Genetics, A Conceptual Approach, 2nd edition by Benjamin A Pierce, published by W.H. Freeman and Co, 2005. The Solutions and Problem-Solving MagaManual includes the complete worked-out solutions to all of the textbook problems.  The Interactive Genetics CD-ROM has step-by-step tutorials about solving genetics problems. ISBN 0-7167-6836-4.

       The text is also available as an eBook (  alone or packaged with  a hard copy for addtional $10.  Order with ISBN 0-7167-2746-3.

       Bio 276 Lab Manual by Jo Wu

       packet of Scantrons #882

       three-ring binder, paper, calculator, pen, pencil, good eraser, optional flash drive (memory stick).


Course grades are based on 4 exams (200 points each), quizzes (10 points), homework assignments (5 points),  lab reports (10-40 points) .  Regular updates are given during class and posted on WebGrades
  A > 90%;  B > 80%;  C > 65%;  D > 55%.


EXAMS:  The unit exams will consist of multiple-choice questions and problem-solving questions.   Bring photo ID, pencil, pen and calculator to every exam.  Each exam includes bonus problems (which does not count towards the extra credit maximum).  The optional cumulative final exam (200 points) is composed of problem-solving problems.  If you have a verifiable absence (funeral notice, hospital admission slip, police report, etc.), then you will be allowed to take a make-up exam and the final exam during finals week.

ASSIGNMENTS:  The best way to learn genetics problem-solving is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!   I will assign a few problems every week -- you must show all of your logic and show me your thinking process/approach towards the final answer.  Late assignments are NOT accepted, as we go over the answers in class.  As answers for textbook problems are available, you should be practicing ALL of the chapter problems on your own. 

QUIZZES.  Quizzes are based on the previous lecture or the assigned homework problems. There are no make-ups for in-class quizzes.  If you are late for a quiz, you will not be allowed to take the quiz. Two assignment and two quiz scores will be dropped at the end of the semester.

LABS.  We will have in-class problem-solving, "wet lab" experiments, and computer exercises.

ATTENDANCE:  This is college, so you decide if you want to come to class and on-time.  I do not take daily attendance, but be aware that only lab data sheets (completed in pen) with my signature will be graded. You are responsible for getting lecture notes, assignments and announcements from other students if you miss class. 

EXTRA CREDIT (15 points maximum).



1.     Frequent Class Email Announcements from will have Bio 276 on the subject line.

2.     Besides "wet labs" in classroom, we will do a series of Genetics Labs Online.  The instructor will provide passwords for the site.  It is best to do these labs with a partner (as long as both students share in the work).  Instructions for the online labs (FlyLab, TranslationLab, HemoglobinLab, PedigreeLab, EvolutionLab, and PopulationGeneticsLab).  will be provided in the lab manual.  You will need to write lab reports and make oral presentations to the class.

Labs Online User ID ==
Labs Online Password =

3.       Most of my lecture powerpoints will be on the WEBCT SERVER at

Your WebCT User ID = Type in all CAPS in one word (no space, no comma) = First 2 letters of first name, then first 2 letters of last name, last four numbers of FC ID. For example, student Joe Smith whose FC ID is 12345678 would have the WebCT User ID of JOSM5678. 

Your initial WebCT Password
= STUDENT (in all CAPS).  You should change your password immediately afterwards (and write it down).

4.     I will post monthly grade updates at the WEBGRADE SERVER at

       Your Webgrade User ID is the same as your WebCT User ID.

       Webgrade Password is your WebCT ID (not WebCT password), unless you change with me.

5.     PUBLISHER website with Animations and tutorials is at
You will need to register to gain access for some links.


o      FREE TUTORING  at FC Tutoring CenterYou are allowed 2 hours of free tutoring per week.  Make appointments at (714) 992-7483 or email: 

o      INSTRUCTOR:  Ask lots of questions during class (the best time), right after class or in my office!   You can ask simple questions by email (which I try to answer late at night).  I will also be on AOL Instant Messenger on Mondays 8 pm with screen name of drjowu.  To download IM, go to

o      STUDY GROUPS:  Make friends in class and form study groups.


Cheating (as defined by Dr. Wu) is using someone elses work as your own, using unauthorized materials during exams, stealing papers for others to use, or sharing your exams/written work with others.  If you turn in someone elses work (even portions), then you both get zero for that assignment.  For anyone caught cheating, stealing and copying on exams  --- the least severe punishment is immediate failure from the course.  Depending on how elaborate your cheating scheme is, you may be expelled from Fullerton College and have this incident marked on your college transcript.

This instructor reserves the right to submit student assignments to to check for similarities between student submissions and the internet, various research databases, and previous student submissions. Students may be required to electronically submit their written work to the instructor.  By taking this course, students agree that all assignments are subject to plagiarism detection processes and plagiarism penalties (see College Catalogue pg. 33 for academic penalties). Assignments submitted to by the student or instructor will become part of their database and will be used for plagiarism prevention and detection.  Student papers, however, will remain the intellectual property of the author. 


ALL students already enrolled and/or wanting to enroll in Bio 276 semester MUST give me their FC student ID#, fill out the Background Survey sheet and submit to Jo Wu by second day.  Any student who does not turn in  the completed survey will be dropped  to make room for a petitioning student. I use the Background Survey and your FC transcript to determine if you have the necessary chemistry pre-requisite courses.  

ADDING:   Submit a Background Survey and copy of unofficial transcript.  Adds will be submitted during the second week of school.  Petitioning students who have met all prerequisites and are actively participating in the class in the second week will be added.

DROPPING:  Active Participation is very important in this class.  If you miss more than one week of classes, you may be dropped.  If you choose to drop, please handle your own paperwork by the deadline.  Also let me know by email, so that I can take you off the class email list.


o      Turn in your completed Background Survey form by noon of second day.

o      Turn in one packet of Scantron #882 within the first two weeks.  

o      Write me email (to using the email address that you check most frequently. 
Correct format of all email messages:        Subject line: 276 (topic) (your name)

Body of email:  Full Name, FC ID, telephone number, your major, your career goal, something interesting about yourself



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